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Shitodome are found in the kurikata and kashira of many high quality koshirae. Their primary purpose is to prevent the tsukaito from fraying as it rubbed against the sharp edges of the hole in the kashira. They also serve to add a little bit of glitter to the kashira and kurikata.

Each shitodome is an exact handcrafted copy, in silver, of an original Japanese part. Shitodome are offered in either black or with a 24K gold plate finish. Black shitodome can be rubbed down to give an antique silver finish.

An addition to the range below, we can also offer handmade shitodome in 18 carat gold.

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shitodome 001

001 Shitodome, kurikata & kashira

shitodome 003

003 Shitodome, kashira only

shitodome 004

004 Shitodome, kurikata & kashira

shitodome 004B

004B Shitodome, kurikata & kashira

Shitodome 006

006 Shitodome, kashira only

shitodome 007

007 Shitodome, kurikata only

shitodome 008

008 Shitodome, kurikata only

shitodome 009

009 Shitodome, kurikata only

shitodome 010

010 Shitodome, kurikata only

shitodome 011

011 Shitodome, kurikata only

shitodome 012

012 Shitodome, kashira only

shitodome 014

014 Shitodome, kashira only