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Restoration & customisation services

We have been restoring swords, or customising them to customers' specifications, for a decade. We are fortunate to be able to work with some of the best craftsmen available, and can therefore offer an unrivalled range of services, from polishing to making complete koshirae from scratch. The list below however is not exclusive. If you want something that's not listed here, whether it concerns swords or armour, contact me and ask for a quote. We're always willing to tackle special jobs, or jobs that others have considered impossible.

If you need something special, we can also commission tosogu for you. Commissioned tosogu are however expensive..

If there's anything else you need, just ask. We've undertaken some highly individual requests before now - one restoration required us to dye hemp thread with Japanese indigo using traditional the traditional mordant, soya milk - so we may be able to help. If you want to discuss a project, contact us or, better still, visit us.

Examples of our work can be seen on the right. There are more pictures on our Facebook page.


Dyeing tsukaito or sageo to customer's specificationsCost of tsukaito or sageo + £10
Dyeing samekawa to customer's specificationsCost of samekawa + £10
Repatination of fittings£75


Custom-made kurikata shitodome, 18 carat goldPlease ask
Custom-made kashira shitodome, 18 carat goldPlease ask
Custom-made seppa£60
Gold or silver foiling seppaPlease ask
Single, traditionally made habaki, copper£150
Single, traditionally made habaki, silver£200
Single, traditionally made habaki, goldPlease ask
Double, traditionally made habaki, copper£295
Double, traditionally made habaki, silver£350
Double, traditionally made habaki, goldPlease ask


Making and replacing horn uragawara£40
Repairing or replacing kurikata£60
Repairing or replacing horn koiguchi£60
Making and replacing horn tsunokuchi£80


Rebind tsuka£150
Make new tsuka,including samekawa panels and rebinding but excluding cost of fittings£250
As above, but with full wrap of samekawa with large oyatsubu (nodes)£350
Make new tsuka, core only£100


Make urushi lacquered saya (urushi lacquer), including horn work. Metal fittings cost extra.
£300 + cost of lacquering
Make saya with rattan binding
Add £20
Make saya with ribbing
Add £60
Relacquer saya in Kuro-ishime-nuri (black stone finish)
Relacquer saya in Kuro-iro-nuri (highest quality polished black)
Relacquer saya in Shu-nuri (red urushi)
Relacquer saya in Nashiji nuri (pear skin finish using gold powder)
Relacquer saya in Same nuri (lacquered rayskin)
Please ask
Relacquer saya using other techniques
Please ask
Repair lacquer
Please ask


Make shirasaya for tanto£270
Make shirasaya for wakizashi£310
Make shirasaya for katana£350


Make complete koshirae (tsuka and saya), excluding cost of fittingsfrom £1,030
Complete restoration of swordPlease ask
Hand-stitched copy of gunto leather saya cover£150
Polishing sword£30/inch
Casting custom fittings in silver, gold, or shakudoPlease ask
Gold plating fittingsPlease ask
Commission new sword
Please ask
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